Love, the Person; Love, the Feeling

A cold winter’s night and a book by my side.
I light a cigarette and let go of a smoke-ring.
Now, I’m lost in his thoughts. Deep rummaging over what has and hasn’t been said between us.
I switch to contemplate what can be and cannot be said, now.
I check my Whatsapp & summon-up the courage to message him.
I type, “typing…..,” might be showing on my chat-head on his phone.
If and only if he’s checking it. What can be more magical and co-incidentalthan this? I fancy it.
I meditate on it & then again, I let go of another smoke-ring.
Now I read a line from the book, it’s a prose but it appears to be poetic.
Some words, they seize your attention.
But again, I’m deep in his thoughts.
It was an electricity. I felt those sparks.
Blue, dazzling yellow & red colour spark, and I felt it on my body.
It was static charge when I lifted my bare leg from over his naked body.
Our lips are still damp after that long kiss.
I see his lips glittering and mine hungry for him, again.
My fingers quiver over his face trying to map his face-length.
I run my hands over his body and I feel him exuding heat.
He, who lay dormant, rises and takes charge of the situation.
Takes my hands and sends them back.
He’s over me now & throws himself over me.
He kisses me wildly like we’re ‘kissing for the last time.’
And I? I take a long breath, losing my senses,
I heave out of an orgasm. I sense something itching my fingers.
Ah, fuck! This cigarette, it’s on the blanket.
Shit, it has burnt the book as well.
Pondering over the thought of us together, I sigh again.
I now glance over the burnt page
and it reads, ‘for love lasts forever.’

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