I see your reflection in the moon,
I long to chase it.
I know that it ain’t the ‘real’ you
but the heart wants what it wants;
I throw my hands in the air
hop-and-jump, what all I didn’t do
to map this length.

This distance, this separation,
it’s unbearable.
But O, my love, I adore the sparkling
and shimmering light
which this moon emanates.
I feel like you’ve sent the warmth
across and
I see the stars smirking
and twinkling, teasing me.
But these poor spectators will never
know the incompletion I experience.
I am sure that the tales of our
love will be passed onto the Sun
and he will spread the rumour by the morning.
But I promise I won’t utter the truth
to them- the bourgeoisie, for our fate
cannot be understood by them.
It is for the cosmos of the unknowns,
the afterlife terrain and the realm of
For now I suffice with this reflection
but I know for sure, soon
I’ll meet you there,
in our very own paradise.

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