Writerly Life’s Second Newsletter: Reading and Pandemics

Pandemics not only test our combative skills, but they assess our resilience to brave all anxieties, too. Anxieties: those deeply personal encounters with oneself that engulf us and incapacitate us, which appear in a variety of forms in each one of us. It is with this hope that we will fight those anxieties, no matter what, and that we will brave this crisis that I send my best wishes in the form of this, Writerly Life’s, second newsletter.

In the maiden newsletter, I shared with you a book review, an article, LGBTQIA+ book recommendation, and a popular article that I thought we all should read during this seemingly never-ending quarantine period. This time I present to you the kick-off article from the recently launched “Bookstagrammer Interview Series,” a book review, a critique of a National Award Winning book from a queer perspective, and lastly my thoughts on World Book Day 2020.

Bookstagrammer Interview Series: Meet Vibha Jagun

This is the first interview of a bookstagrammer of my choosing for the Bookstagrammer Interview Series.

Writerly Life
World Book (and Copyright) Day | Reading in the Time of COVID-19

If you are privileged enough to have a roof over your head, means to meet your daily needs, enough books to read, then it is a blessing during this pandemic, for there are millions who are struggling to survive whereas we, privileged ones, are finding ways to kill time.

Book Review: Unruly Visions: The Aesthetic Practices of Queer Diaspora by Gayatri Gopinath

This book is a quest to studying, evaluating and meditating queer studies and diasporic areas through different avenues of visual culture — movies, texts, photography etc.

Critique: Black Queer Bodies Are Breakable: “Between the World and Me”
James Baldwin was a black writer, and a queer person. Whenever one studies Baldwin only as a writer, one misses the point. Such a study ignores what Baldwin stood for. Being black makes you vulnerable, but being queer and black makes you doubly vulnerable.

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