Oliver Sacks — His Life & His Times

The first time I learned about Oliver Sacks was via the only blog of its kind Brain Pickings. Maria Popova‘s (founder and author at Brain Pickings) wonderful article — Love, Lunacy, and a Life Fully Lived: Oliver Sacks, the Science of Seeing, and the Art of Being Seen — arrested my senses and I was introduced to, the person who will become a major inspiration for … Continue reading Oliver Sacks — His Life & His Times

Diary of Discrimination  —  An Artist’s Face-Off With Racism

Initial Education in Racism When ‘racism’ was taught to me first, I recall, I was in eighth grade, my teacher would emphasize how the colour ‘White’ was almost dictatorial, once upon a time — I want to tell her how grossly incorrect she is — and how badly it crushed the ‘Black’. It was not the definition which got stuck with me; it was colour. Why would two colours be … Continue reading Diary of Discrimination  —  An Artist’s Face-Off With Racism

Who Is Society Anyway?

“You’ve a license to love now!” Saying this, they rushed towards me. Overwhelmed with joy,  they couldn’t contain their happiness for me. I stayed calm. They’re disappointed. “Ye kaunsa pyaar hai?” (What kind of love is this?) I listened to them as well, who couldn’t help but scream at me. I screamed back with 2x decible level. They’re disappointed. At two different places, I have … Continue reading Who Is Society Anyway?

“Look for a Guy in White T-Shirt,” He Said

Disclaimer: You need to read till the very end to make something out of this blog entry, judging by reading the first two lines won’t help you. A late night conversation on dating app Last Saturday, I was using the gay-dating app, the ever popular and instant gratification provider, Grindr. I was bone-tired but after a long day, I just wanted to ‘see,’ if-there’s-anyone-new-around. There’s … Continue reading “Look for a Guy in White T-Shirt,” He Said

Amrita Pritam: Her Poems, My Life and Love

हैरान होता था जब बार बार ऐसे सपने से आते थे की अमृता प्रीतम कुछ कह रहीं हैं मुझसे, मुझसे? कहाँ वो रूहानीयत की मूरत और मैं बेग़ैरत इंसान । पर अच्छे से याद है “आज वारिज शाह नूं “, “साहिर “, और “इमरोज़”। ….. लगता था की वो बगावत थी या सिर्फ रूह की आवाज़ को सुनने वाली, इक पंजाबन। पता नहीं, पर जबसे … Continue reading Amrita Pritam: Her Poems, My Life and Love

The Story of Adèle

It’s been a year or two that I’m purposefully watching ‘Queer Cinema.’ There are plethora of movies which I’ve watched, ranging from stereotypical, maligning the image of the community to some which strongly portrays same-sex desires and bio-pics on some of the great figures of all times. And pursuing this very dedicatedly, I had curated a list of movies which I wanted to watch and … Continue reading The Story of Adèle

Love: Spectrum of emotions

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~Rumi This legend understood it in the 13th Century which most of the so-called-sophisticated-educated people of heterosexual hegemonic regime cease to understand. Or we don’t have the mettle to understand it, whatever it is but something is really disturbing in … Continue reading Love: Spectrum of emotions

My uncanny life, James Dean and first book-meet.

A lot has happened yesterday and is still happening as this day is taking shape. The darkness will disappear and there’ll be sunrise again. How normally we have seen it happening over time, a recurring phenomenon? I think I’m talking about my birthday, 9th March. I cried on my previous birthday as well. It’s consecutively two years that I’m grossly unhappy on my birthday. I was … Continue reading My uncanny life, James Dean and first book-meet.