Amrita Pritam: Her Poems, My Life and Love

हैरान होता था जब बार बार ऐसे सपने से आते थे की अमृता प्रीतम कुछ कह रहीं हैं मुझसे, मुझसे? कहाँ वो रूहानीयत की मूरत और मैं बेग़ैरत इंसान । पर अच्छे से याद है “आज वारिज शाह नूं “, “साहिर “, और “इमरोज़”। ….. लगता था की वो बगावत थी या सिर्फ रूह की आवाज़ को सुनने वाली, इक पंजाबन। पता नहीं, पर जबसे … Continue reading Amrita Pritam: Her Poems, My Life and Love

The Story of Adèle

It’s been a year or two that I’m purposefully watching ‘Queer Cinema.’ There are plethora of movies which I’ve watched, ranging from stereotypical, maligning the image of the community to some which strongly portrays same-sex desires and bio-pics on some of the great figures of all times. And pursuing this very dedicatedly, I had curated a list of movies which I wanted to watch and … Continue reading The Story of Adèle

Love, the Person; Love, the Feeling

A cold winter’s night and a book by my side.I light a cigarette and let go of a smoke-ring.Now, I’m lost in his thoughts. Deep rummaging over what has and hasn’t been said between us.I switch to contemplate what can be and cannot be said, now.I check my Whatsapp & summon-up the courage to message him.I type, “typing…..,” might be showing on my chat-head on … Continue reading Love, the Person; Love, the Feeling