The Story of Adèle

It’s been a year or two that I’m purposefully watching ‘Queer Cinema.’ There are plethora of movies which I’ve watched, ranging from stereotypical, maligning the image of the community to some which strongly portrays same-sex desires and bio-pics on some of the great figures of all times. And pursuing this very dedicatedly, I had curated a list of movies which I wanted to watch and … Continue reading The Story of Adèle

And I’m in the ‘Middle-of-Nowhere’ and I’m Happy!

Why are you grinning? Well, there can be multiple reasons but I didn’t see this thing becoming the reason for my grin. Really, smiling is never easy these days and when I’m actually saying that, ‘I’m happy’ then you got to trust that.  I’m celebrating from past nine hours.I visited this year’s #WorldBookFair previous week and bought books which I know will change me for good but … Continue reading And I’m in the ‘Middle-of-Nowhere’ and I’m Happy!

Letter to ‘Self’

I should start with the customary Greetings, Hello, Dearest, To Myself etc. But let’s just avoid formalities and logic when you’re talking to yourself. So, this is to you.Yes, I live inside you.You and I, in a symbiotic relationship.Sometimes, this body/skeleton doesn’t help you wander much and very often it’s because of you that I can’t lift ‘mybody’ and ‘myself’ to work in sync to … Continue reading Letter to ‘Self’